Jan 11, 2012

5 in '11: TV

2011 was a good year for TV. Even though Mad Men didn't air, and Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl stopped being appointment television, and Taylor Armstrong wreaked cringe-inducing havoc on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (only for Camille Grammer to rise from her first season ashes like the glorious phoenix she has revealed herself to be), it was still a good year for couch potatoes. We grappled with the frustrating humanity of Amy Jellicoe, we traversed the Seven Kingdoms with Ned Stark, and we did lots of secret, sexy things with Kalinda Sharma. It was a good year to be a TV fan! I'm still kind of mad about Taylor Armstrong (especially since I don't think any of the women will call her out at the reunion), but I'm working on it. Until then, enjoy my five (actually, six) favorite shows of 2011.