Dec 22, 2010

The Big Ten: Books

Today, I bring you my ten favorite books of 2010. The list includes one short story collection, four works of literary fiction, an essay collection, a graphic novel and a dystopian young adult series. The majority of the entries came easily (only number 10 had to fight for its spot). Numbers 6-4 might as well be grouped all together; my thoughts on their ordering change moment to moment. My complete 2010 reading list can be found in the sidebar, but click below for more specific remarks on the year's best.

Dec 21, 2010

The Big Ten: TV

The Big Ten continues with a look at the ten television shows I considered appointment viewing over the last year. These are the series I watched religiously, the episodes I talked about obsessively and the moments that left a lasting impression. The grand total amounts to two reality shows, three comedies, and five dramas (NBC wins the network showdown with three entries). Some of the omissions surprised me (old favorites The Hills, Glee and True Blood are no where to be found), and I have a feeling some of the year's late entries (The Vampire Diaries, for instance) will have a strong case for inclusion come the end of 2011. Until then . . .

Dec 20, 2010

The Big Ten: Music

Title Pending's Big Ten begins with a look at the ten songs that wormed their way into my brain and decided to stay this past year. Not all of them were released in 2010 (Girls Aloud's "Biology," was first released in England in 2005), but 2010 was the year I first heard them. This year's list is a mix of dance, pop, folk, alternative rock, and even a little country crooning. Numbers 10-7 could be rearranged without much argument, and the top two stand mountains above the rest, but overall, I find this a fair representation of the last year according to my iPod.

Dec 19, 2010

The Big Ten: Introduction

You guys, it's almost 2011! When did that happen? I swear, just yesterday I was returning to the office after Labor Day weekend, steadying myself for the fall busy season, and wondering if I would make it to Thanksgiving. It's been a whirlwind three months since I last posted, during which I turned 24 (hello, mid-twenties), survived the aforementioned fall busy season, saw Wicked for the second time, attended Homecoming Weekend in Massachusetts and celebrated Thanksgiving in Maine, and of course, consumed my fair share of television, music, movies and books.