Dec 20, 2010

The Big Ten: Music

Title Pending's Big Ten begins with a look at the ten songs that wormed their way into my brain and decided to stay this past year. Not all of them were released in 2010 (Girls Aloud's "Biology," was first released in England in 2005), but 2010 was the year I first heard them. This year's list is a mix of dance, pop, folk, alternative rock, and even a little country crooning. Numbers 10-7 could be rearranged without much argument, and the top two stand mountains above the rest, but overall, I find this a fair representation of the last year according to my iPod.

#10. "Crossfire" (Brandon Flowers)

#9. "All the Lovers" (Kylie Minogue)

#8. "Fire With Fire" (Scissor Sisters)

#7. "Cosmic Love" (Florence + The Machine)

#6. "Vernonia Blues" (Horse Feathers)

#5. "Biology" (Girls Aloud)

See also: "Sound of the Underground," and "Something Kinda Ooooh"

#4. "Superhuman Touch" (Athlete)

See also: "Black Swan Song," and "The Getaway"

#3. "Dead Flowers" (Miranda Lambert)

See also: "The House That Built Me," and "Airstream Song"

#2. "The Cave" (Mumford & Sons)

See also: "Little Lion Man," "Winter Winds," and "Blank White Page"

#1. "Hang With Me" (Robyn)

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  1. I was jamming out to some Robyn at work yesterday. Thought you would approve.

    Also, thank you for providing today's playlist. Yay for "Best Of 2010" lists! Mine will be along in...February, probably. February 2012.